Capteurs de force

Type Description Edition
F1211 Compression load cell up to 1,000 kN FO 51.10
F1222 Miniature compression load cell from 0.5 N FO 51.11
F1224 Miniature compression load cell from 1 kN FO 51.12
F2210 Tension/compression load cell, pancake type up to 2,000 kN FO 51.14
F2211 Tension/compression load cell, S-type up to 50 kN FO 51.15
F2220 Miniature tension/compression load for small measuring ranges from 1.5 N FO 51.16
F2222 Tension/compression force transducer for material testing up to 2,200 kN FO 51.29
F2233 Tension/compression force transducer heavy Duty up to 200.000 lbs FO 51.67
F2301, F23C1, F23S1 Tension/compression force transducer with thin-film technology up to 100 kN FO 51.17
F2303 Tension/compression force transducer with thin film technology an swivel head up to 45 kN FO 51.46
F2808 Miniature tension/compression force transducer up to 2,000 N FO 51.68
F5301, F53C1, F53S1 Load pin with thin-film technology up to 200 kN FO 51.18
F5302 Shackle load cell for ranges up to 15 t FO 51.23
F6210 Ring load cell up to 500 kN FO 51.20
F6212 Ring force transducer, flat version up to 100 kN FO 51.27
F7301, F73C1, F73S1 Tension link with thin-film technology up to 6 MN FO 51.19
F9204 Wire rope force transducer up to 40 t FO 51.25
F9302 Strain transducer up to 2,000 μe FO 54.10
FRKPS Chain hoist test set friction clutch testing up to 3,500 kg FO 51.69